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“His style was very low key but effective in assisting the parties to see that a compromise was in their mutual best interest.”

“Mr. Ford was extremely professional and worked hard to resolve the dispute between the parties. Highly recommended.”

“Mr. Ford was an excellent mediator. I would and have recommended him to other attorneys in other cases.”

“In our employment dispute, in which I represented the employer, Mr. Ford did a very good job in assessing the personality of the plaintiff, and in making the plaintiff feel that she was getting the benefit of a fair proceeding. Without Mr. Ford's help, the plaintiff would likely have not agreed to a settlement.”

Professional Mediation Services

I mediate employment discrimination disputes where attorneys represent parties and the employment relationship has been or is danger of being severed.

I also mediate disputes between employees in a work setting before legal action has been taken. In these situations, the disputed issues are important and the employment relationship is intact. Yet because of an inability to resolve the conflict, whether by the individuals themselves or management, the conflict is getting out of hand and costing everyone in obvious and not so obvious ways.

If you are considering using my services as an employment mediator, please read the independent review of my services by attorneys I have worked with on the Positively Neutral Web Site