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Subject: Conflict Management E-Newsletter #17

    Conflict Management E-Newsletter
              June 2001 #17

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1. Articles

Persuasion Without Coercion
By Grande Lum
Escape the "dog eat dog" mentality in
negotiation and mediation. There
are concrete steps you can take to
utilize fairness in persuasion.

Beyond Win-Win in Cyberspace
by Ernest M. Thiessen, PEng, PhD and
Joseph P. McMahon, Jr., PE, MS, JD
Cyberspace and sophisticated computer technology
are presenting new opportunities for overcoming the
challenges of conventional negotiation with mutual
gains bargaining. The new concepts
introduced in this paper are illustrated in the
context of a hypothetical environmental negotiation...

Navajo Justice
By Honorable Robert Yazzie
Last year, the Navajo Nation quit jailing people
for dozens of offenses that used to land people
behind bars. Now tribal courts are turning to

2. Online Feedback Tool

Feedback-gathering technologies empower
decision-makers to protect and preserve their
most valuable assets — customers, employees,
investors and partners.
Know what they think with our ePortcardSM
feedback-gathering applications. ePortcard
collects, measures and interprets responses,
and quickly delivers easy-to-read reports that
let you know and act on the vital needs of
your stakeholders.

3. ODR News

This site is maintained by Colin Rule of Online
Resolution, Inc. It is the place to go for breaking
news about online dispute resolution.

4. Complaining Online

Thirteen countries have banded together to fight
internet fraud with -- a website
where consumers can file fraud complaints against
companies outside their boundaries.
On the site consumers can:
1. Find information about consumer protection
laws and activities in participating countries, and
2. File complaints about online transactions with
a foreign company.
The site is available in English, French,
German, and Spanish.

5. "Creating Space For Learning"

Conference of the Organizational Conflict Management
Section of ACR in Atlanta, June 21-23
Using Open Space Technology, the conference
provides forums for us to discuss exactly the
questions we want.  For example:
John Zinsser wants to talk with people about
designing and implementing program evaluation
methods and sharing successes more broadly
with the public.
John Conbere wants to gather a group to look
at the issue of the importance of an ombuds
in a conflict management system-  some seem
to be saying that it is extremely important,
others use a different model.

6. Florida Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has
been utilized by the Florida Court System
to resolve disputes for over 20 years. Since
that time, the uses of mediation and arbitration
have grown as the Legislature and judiciary have
created one of the most comprehensive court-connected
mediation programs in the country. The opinions
of the Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee are
now available online.


"None of us are as smart as all of us."
Japanese Proverb

"To create better health in a living system,
connect it to more of itself."
Meg Wheatley

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
Albert Einstien

8. New Book:

Game, Set, Match: Winning the Negotiations Game
by Henry S. Kramer ($19.95)

Game, Set, Match is an in-depth guide for
anyone involved in professional or personal
negotiations. While there are many books on
negotiating which do an excellent job of covering
how to negotiate at the table, or face to face -
this is just the middle portion of the negotiating
process. Game, Set, Match looks at the entire
negotiation sequence chronologically. It guides
readers from the all-important, but often overlooked,
initial planning stages, through opening
negotiations, mid-game, end game, and follow up.
In doing so, it also includes discussions of legal,
ethical and other related issues, data collection,
costing, resources, achieving a "win-win" outcome
l for anyone looking to get what they want out of a
negotiation - whether it be in a professional or
 and is full of examples and clearly identified tips,
tricks, and traps garnered from the author's
decades of experience at the negotiating table.

Henry Kramer is a Visiting Fellow (professor)
on various labor relations topics at The New
York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations,
Cornell University.

To order the book:

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