Our goal is to support organizations to approach inevitable internal workplace conflict with greater clarity and confidence.

We want you to feel comfort – not dread and fear – and be at ease when thinking about the way conflict is handled at your organization.

We want to support your organization to be conflict-resolution competent, which involves:

  • Knowing how to identify conflict early so you can nip it in the bud
  • Having simple tools to deescalate, not escalate, conflict
  • Having a clear path to the lasting resolution of conflict

Beyond providing coaching and training that develop these vital workplace skills, we mediate when you want the benefit of an external professional.

Our ultimate goal, however, is to support you and your organization to know what to do yourselves. We believe that HR professionals are required to be conflict-resolution competent. And, of course, employee-relations specialists need to be experts!

The HR Mediation Academy: www.HRMediationAcademy.com
This is a specialized division of John Ford and Associates. It provides knowledge and skill-development opportunities aimed at supporting HR Managers who want to mediate workplace conflict themselves. In order to accomplish this, we offer both face-to-face and online training.

The HR Mediator Blog: www.theHRMediator.com
This blog is dedicated to spreading the word about internal workplace mediation. It aims to inspire HR Managers who want to make the world a more peaceful place, starting with the opportunities provided by their workplace.

Conflict Quotes: www.conflictquotes.com
Awarding winning list of quotes that pertain to the management of conflict in the broadest sense. Easy to search.

“From a “mature” students viewpoint I was always looking at my professors with a critical eye; how did they dress, how do they speak to the students, their organizational skills, just to name a few things needed in professionalism. If we, as students, could grade our Professors, John Ford would get an “A+. John is one of my most remembered Professors at Sonoma State University. He is informative and enlightening in the educational process of Conflict Resolution and Mediation. John’s skill in instruction coupled with his charismatic and energetic personality encouraged my desire to learn. He has an exceptional way to foresee into the other persons dilemma, seamlessly apply techniques that will bring a common ground to the surface during mediation, thus for the outcome to be successful to all concerned. I would highly recommend John as far as a professor of learning and as a professional in business matters especially where there is a need for wisdom and ethics.”
-- Linda Wootton, Mental Health Rehabilitation Specialist at ICMS

John Ford is an experienced workplace mediator and trainer. He is the author of Peace at Work, a guide book on workplace mediation for HR managers. For more about John

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